Monday, December 16, 2013

The End Of An Era Nears

This coming April, the 8th to be exact, is the last day that Microsoft will provide support of any kind for Windows XP.  Introduced in 2002, Windows XP has had a long and storied existence.  Longer than any other primary operating system to date.  For those of us who have supported Windows XP these many years,  it will be a bitter sweet retirement.  While we will miss XP with all it's many quirks, we all agree that the retirement is long overdue.

So now that Microsoft has finally sent XP to the great bit bucket in the sky, where does that leave the many of you out there still running windows XP?  Does this mean that your computer will no longer operate?  No.  When you get up on the 9th and power up your PC, it will still run.  You will still be able to log into your favorite web sites, conduct banking, peruse your favorite internet shopping sites.

So why should you care?  First, Microsoft will no longer provide any patches. This means that as time passes, and patches are issued for Windows Vista, 7, and 8, those patches may also expose vulnerabilities in Windows XP.  Without the patches, your computer will be at risk.  Even with top notch anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, there will still be vulnerabilities that may be exploited by the malicious entities that exist on the web.

So what should you really do?  Upgrade!  It is time to retie that old PC that has been around for for ever and a day.  Head out to your favorite technology store and take a look at all of the new things that Windows 8 has to offer. Once you have made your choice, give me a call and I get you data migrated from your old XP PC and get it on your new Windows 8 machine.  There are a lot of great deals this time of year on new PC's.  You may even discover that the new Windows based tablets will do everything you need them to do, for less than half the price of a desktop computer.